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mercoledì 19 marzo 2014

Inter, Eto'o: "Moratti is always there. If he calls me back, why not ..."

Slimane MELAB
Who would not like to revise Samuel Eto'o in the Italian league? A great player, serious, hardworking and full of ambition. A man trained and prepared in every way. I think it was one of the greatest "big" who deservedly won everything in the Italian league and abroad. If Mourinho called him back to Chelsea, you see that Eto'o has left a great void in his heart as a professional. Surely Eto'o has no need of a "Training" for inclusion in a team, we all know who was and who is still, as the results speak for themselves. It 'sa pity that Moratti is no longer the owner of Inter to recall, however Thohir could hear if you truly want. For my part, so be Eto'o, we need a real leader on the team and only he can do for the moment. A warm welcome to all sports in Italy.
Samuel Eto'o esulta dopo il gol al Galatasaray. Epa
Samuel Eto'o esulta dopo il gol al Galatasaray. Epa

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