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lunedì 17 marzo 2014

Case "NAFTAL" The verdict is expected on March 23

According the newspaper Of economy end information" Le Financier",
The verdict in the appeal trial of 21 individuals convicted at first instance by a specialized court division of the court of Sidi M'hamed sentences ranging from 3 to 7 years in prison for smuggling fuel in 2012 at the expense of the company naftal , will be delivered on March 23 by the Algiers court, does here Saturday with the defense. The defendants were part of a group of 26 individuals , five were acquitted by a specialized court division in corruption cases on November 6 . The respondents , most of whom are employees of the company NAFTAL were convicted of embezzlement and abuse of office . At the hearing of the judgment, the head of the internal security of the station Caroubier Naftal , main accused in the case , admitted falsifying invoices to facilitate the theft of fuel . He also said that the flight would never have been possible without the close complicity drivers and security guards station Caroubier , while they had all denied the charges against them were . The case dates back to 2012 when the security services had received information about the suspect output tankers night station Caroubier to an unknown destination. The investigation revealed that officials had embezzled station , in collusion with employees of the administration of large amounts of fuel station for resale to the parallel market.

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