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domenica 16 marzo 2014

The Mozabites show in Algiers to demand "security"

Yesterday, before the newsagent Tahar Djaout Algiers , a group of Mozabites gathered to demand "security " in the region . Through this peaceful demonstration, the citizens from Ghardaia, also wanted to express their ras-le -bol compared to their current situation. You could , for example, hear slogans calling for a military intervention in the valley of Mzab .
Among the demonstrators who braved the cold and rain Algiers , some strongly expressed their dissatisfaction with the actions of the state. For one of them , the events of Ghardaia even inseparable from the upcoming election deadline. Of " ulterior motives " were behind the events happening right now in the areas of Ghardaia, according to some.
Others wonder "Where are the 6000 police and gendarmes sent by Belaïz ? " . But for most , the most important thing is to stop violence. A young protester said had enough of the violence , adding: "Five dead, that's enough! "

  • Les mozabites manifestent à Alger pour raclamer la sécurité

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