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martedì 15 aprile 2014

1,009,000 voters to the polls Algerians living abroad: enthusiasm and pride to perform the obligation for the first day of peered

According to the newspaper " La Tribune "
At the opening yesterday at 08:00 398 polling stations , in the context of the presidential election on April 17 , for the national community abroad , in accordance with the organic law on the electoral system 2012, Algerians paid more or less mass to make their duty and the electoral law . It should be noted that the office is open until next Thursday, when the presidential elections in Algeria. France, which has the highest density of voters , has seen a sharp spike in the various polling stations. A statement influx transmitted by several correspondents in the polling stations, as well as pictures transmitted by ENTV , who dedicated on this occasion all the emissions tracking poll yesterday with many trays live as well as giving voice to the voters.
Whether young, old, women or men, all voters have expressed their joy and pride to perform their civic duty to participate actively in the future of their country of origin.
He returned in the same sentence every mouth , "Yes, I am proud to vote for my country . Rate is to fulfill my duty to my country, so that things are improving . " In France, in offices located in Toulouse, Nantes, Paris, Lille and Lyon, the same observation is made by consular representatives : an influx of dozens of people from the first hour of voting and crowded rooms . Therefore, the staff in charge of the polling station at the consulate in Toulouse said "do not be surprised by this craze ," explaining that "in most elections, voters flock in large numbers since the beginning of the election ." Most observers also point to the fact that the first day of voting, to coincide with the day on Saturday , as a day of the weekend , urged Algerians abroad to fulfill their electoral duty .
The discovery is also seen through the many transmitted images and corresponding observations that voting is often done by the family as a broadcast affiliate of belonging to the homeland. The majority of voters had a smile and proudly showed the electoral map , like a foolproof connection with the nation , despite being located thousands of kilometers from the motherland . He also found a strong mobilization of women and youth in conflict with the image of old pensioners nostalgic country .
In addition, many voters have all expressed their willingness to support the real concerns of the Algerian community living abroad such as the facilitation of economic investment opportunities in Algeria, the increase in trade in academia and research, as well as a better grip on the load administrative . Even the echoes are forwarded consular different , both in Morocco , Tunisia, Canada , Egypt,
Jordan , United Arab Emirates and also in Syria, where special measures have been taken for the Algerians in Syria to carry out their electoral duty . As a reminder, six candidates are vying for the electoral event . This is the outgoing president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika , who is seeking a fourth term , the former head of government, Ali Benflis , who is running for the second time after 2004 , the general secretary of the Workers' Party , Louisa Hanoune and President of Ahd 54 party , Ali Fawzi Rebaine , who have already applied in 2004 and 2009 , as well as Moussa Touati , candidate in 2009 and Belaïd Abdelaziz , President of El Moustakbal front , which presents for the first time .
S. B.
The vote of the Algerian community in figures
Voters who represent the Algerian community abroad are between 1,009,285 or nearly 5 % of voters nationwide, according to data released Saturday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The breakdown by geographic area.
France (North): 498 208 voters ( 19:36 %)
France (South) : 317 494 voters ( 31.45 %)
Maghreb , Mashreq - Africa - Asia - Pacific :
63 925 voters ( 6.34% )
America Rest of Europe : 129 658 voters ( 12.58% )
The electorate abroad has increased from 928 403 voters to the polls 2009-1009285 voters in 2014.
The number of open seats abroad is 398 , of which 52,27 % in France .
The remaining 47.73% are open in other parts of the world.
1 009 000 Électeurs algériens installés à l’étranger appelés aux urnes: Engouement et fierté d’accomplir un devoir en ce premier jour de scrut

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