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giovedì 10 aprile 2014

Barça ENOUGH!!

Slimane Melab
Slimane MELAB
Barça ENOUGH! ! Simeon the Great , great match Atletico Madrid , congratulations not only for the result but also the compactness and team coordination in the field with a preparation of high-level technical and tactical above . A great attack and a very effective defense . Simeone 's team has had an extraordinary ability to start with a quick counterattack and often deadly , and with such precision , hit 3 woods and just as wrong in the final stages of the network. How to Barça , a team full of talent and class out of great importance as Messi and Neymar etc. .. Sometimes the big names weigh little or nothing. The possession counts for little if no one goes to completion. would figure as a kind of a theatrical sketch , Tiki Taka is like a merry dance but very harmless , does not go beyond the show of the games that lead up to the finish line , let alone to win. This pattern of play has become an orphan of its creator and has become too common and harmless for some teams who have seen often near or in the field. Martin went on to coach Barca with the same schema that is foreign to his personal characteristics . It ' nice to imitate someone , but it's also nice to know how to win . Barça was fully booked on the field, he recited with his game that is now old and no longer fear anyone, a game plan neutralized in the same country by a Spanish team. I cordially greet all athletes of Italy and the world

Diego Simeone.

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