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lunedì 7 aprile 2014

Benyounes: "It is the president's brother who will manage Algeria, it is the president who manages, directs the Country" (Video)

According Algérie ,
The miinistro of industrial development and investment promotion , Amara Benyounes said Sunday that the health of the President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika , "It 's constantly improving ," and " the head works very well. "
Speaking on French television channel TV5 , not least the secretary general of the Algerian People's Party Movement (MPA ) stated that "it is good and that his health is steadily improving ," he said.
According Benyounes Amara " is someone whose mental functions work very well , has a problem of functional rehabilitation , is currently pursuing his rehabilitation , it is always better day by day , but her head works very good."
Recalling that the Head of State had received last Thursday Secretary of State John Kerry in the U.S., Benyounes asked: " Do you think that if John Kerry had seen a chair exhausted, he did not say ? " .
On the question whether the Algerian presidential candidate would speak on the eve of presidential elections, Amara Benyounes demonstrated precise cut even if they do not know what form the president would speak.
" The Algerian people will see it and listen. I do not know what form you choose , but I want to talk about ," he said, she said .
In addition, Benyounes stressed that Algeria "is not a banana republic , it is a great country that democratically elected institutions , stable , serious, solid, not the president's brother who will manage Algeria , it is the president who manages , directs the country. " " This is the boss , everybody knows that , "he said.
Recall that Abdelaziz Bouteflika that brick a fourth term , a shot that is one year ( April 2013 ) gradually returns to his duties . Since January 2014 , he multiplies media and welcomes guests in more sustained Algeria. This past weekend , had also received the Secretaries of State for nearly an hour under the cameras . Amara Benyounes , said today on the set of TV5 that "it is the president who manages , directs the country" and that " This is the boss , everybody knows that. "
Benyounès : « Ce n’est pas le frère du président qui va gérer l’Algérie, c’est le président qui gère, dirige le pays »(Vidéo)
Amara Ben Younes.
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