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giovedì 17 aprile 2014

Saadani hid € 300 million in an account in Paris.

ast Tuesday, April 15 , the electronic journal has posted an article under explicit : "Algeria , suspects Parisian apartments of the Secretary General of the FLN ." Through this paper the newspaper that runs the famous investigative journalist Nicolas Beau , so we learn , Amar Saadani is suspected of possessing ill-gotten gains .
According , former chairman of the NPC (2004-2007) was the owner of two large apartments in the French capital. In addition, Mr. Saadani possess a well credited bank account (in euros) .
In the article the electronic journal , the hidden fortune Amar Saadani is detailed : "Just after his appointment as head of the FLN in September , Saadani came to Paris to hide his fortune two major Parisian apartments , including a Avenue de la Grande Armée , in the chic 16th arrondissement. This Algerian cleric has a particularly comfortable bank account in one of the first French banks. Is , according to our information , 300 million euros . "
Nicolas Beau also explains that " two children Amar Saadani living abroad ( Paris and London) " and " They (the two children) are responsible for making untraceable this colossal fortune. In vain , "he said .
That the journalist does not understand is the attitude of French organizations fighting against money laundering . Nicolas Beau asks: " By the way , so that is the French anti-money laundering agency , TRACFIN facing the assets of Algerian dignitaries in French banks? " Before making himself an answer: " Not much thing apparently! ".
Finally, the renowned investigative journalist adds : The same Saadani is now presumed guilty of corruption. His name is closely linked to the scandal of misappropriation of funds allocated to the General agricultural concessions , funds estimated at $ 550 million . "
Side Amar Saadani , there has not been any response to this article. Recall that this is the same Saadani who defended it a few months ago , the former Energy Minister Chakib Khelil , while the Algerian justice had launched an international arrest warrant against him.
Saadani aurait dissimulé 300 millions d’euro dans un compte à Paris

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