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domenica 6 aprile 2014

Sellal Algerie "Bouteflika's candidacy has been imposed by the Algerians"

In a lively meeting yesterday, the chamber Atlas Bab El - Oued in Algiers , Abdelmalek Sellal responsible for the campaign of the candidate Abdelaziz Bouteflika said that Algeria needs stability . For Sellal , such stability can only be achieved through the initiator of national reconciliation , which is nothing more than Bouteflika .
"The application of Abdelaziz Bouteflika has been imposed by the Algerians , in all provinces of the country , he claimed to be a candidate for a fourth term , " which is held to commemorate the former prime minister. In a room full of women came to announce their support for Abdelaziz Bouteflika , Abdelmalek Sellal began his speech by recalling the results of the three terms Bouteflika .
" The record is clear as spring water. In terms of security , you will see the result. Before we could move after 17 hours in Bab El- Oued . Nowadays , security is restored to the people of Bab El- Oued that moves with flows freely at any time . Nobody can deny this, "he says. Sellal chains also discuss the economic and social development experienced by Algeria during the three terms of Bouteflika . Prior to this meeting the women that the Minister of Culture Khalida Toumi , took part , did not fail to mention the laws enacted to strengthen the role of women in society .
He cites the revision of the Family Code , including the right of women to transmit the Algerian nationality to her children. However, Sellal believes that much remains to be done to move towards the second republic economically stronger, because , for him, the stability can only be achieved by an economy without oil revenues . For the next period , did not fail to evoke the program Abdelaziz Bouteflika , which provides for the revision of the constitution that guarantees individual freedoms more . "El Hagra is finished ," the contempt is finished.
All institutions play their role , "says campaign manager candidate Bouteflika, who has lambasted those who invoke the intervention of foreign countries in the affairs of Algeria. " Whoever meddles in our affairs is not yet born . But this interference can not be avoided by the establishment of a strong and reliable " economic machine , Sellal said , adding : " Do not listen to those who blacken our lives. the important thing is to be at the height on April 17 , "he concluded
M. Sellal à Alger « La candidature de Bouteflika a été imposée par les Algériens »

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