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sabato 12 aprile 2014

The case Sonatrach, frozen the accounts of Farid Bedjaoui in Lebanon.

According to the newspaper "Le Soir d' Algeria "
Farid Bedjaoui , Chakib Khelil main accomplice in corruption with the Italian company Saipem , filed a complaint yesterday against the Italian case management judge , accusing him of distorting the facts related to the investigation. This desperate action was decided on the ground that the judge was able to find a lot of dirty money in Lebanese banks and is about to enter .
The discovery by the Italian judge 's "cache" Lebanese reacted Bedjaoui and his accomplices . To avoid Fabio De Pasquale judge to seize the funds raised in the Lebanese banks , lawyers Farid Bedjaoui has decided to lodge a complaint against him. Chakib Khelil accomplice whose bank accounts were frozen last week filed a complaint against the Italian prosecutor investigating Sonatrach , citing irregularities in the proceedings.
But Italian sources claim that the Lebanese judiciary is willing to cooperate fully in this case that has shaken the Algerians and Italians . This collaboration has led to the acceptance by the Lebanese executing the request . Judge De Pasquale is expected to Beirut from next Monday for the continuation of its investigation of Lebanese banks that have agreed already , proceed to freeze accounts associated with Farid Bedjaoui . Earlier, the Italian prosecutor sent a letter to the Lebanese Justice asking him to provide documents relating to bank accounts Bedjaoui Lebanon.
The response of the Lebanese judicial authorities allowed the judge Fabio De Pasquale 's position that huge sums have gone through several countries for landing. This caused panic among Chakib Khelil and his accomplice Farid Bedjaoui . Yesterday , the lawyer of the accused made ​​a statement to the Lebanese Daily Star , in which he claimed that the letter of the Italian courts contained incorrect information on the client. He then attempted to compare the situation of previous surveys carried out by De Pasquale against former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.
The lawyer Bedjaoui trying to influence the Lebanese judiciary stating that the courts of the United States, Hong Kong and Ireland have all refused to hand over documents to De Pasquale for the purposes of its investigation into allegations of fraud against Berlusconi , saying that the his request for assistance has been weakened by false statements , omissions and inconsistencies. The lawyer Farid Bedjaoui the newspaper said De Pasquale is currently a similar attempt in Lebanon, by submitting an application containing false statements on the basis of malice , which is the reason for our action .
" We asked the prosecutor not to act on letters rogatory sent by the prosecutor De Pasquale . " But all observers are skeptical about the claims Bedjaoui and his law firm . In 2013 , the Lebanese judiciary had lifted the banking secrecy in order to allow an investigation into the Bedjaoui accounts in Lebanon, and there are only two weeks, the Lebanese judicial authorities have frozen his assets . Bedjaoui also challenges the decision of the Lebanese central Bank ordered the freezing of his assets . Why taking an outright seizure of sums squandered on these accounts .
Chakib Khelil prepare his luggage
In addition to this bad news , Chakib Khelil is worried echoes that arrive in Italy . In fact , the government Mateo Renzi decided to exclude the governing bodies of public enterprises or participation , any director accused of financial crime. The first victim of this decision, Paolo Scaroni, the accomplice Chakib Khelil in the business Sonatrach Saipem .
This decision is of a political will to put an end to this affair Sonatrach Saipem has polluted the economic climate in Italy . Pursued by a survey KBR United States , Chakib Khelil is Scaroni sure if it falls, it will cover all over the world. Especially by Americans. All these reasons have prompted the people who have influence , to intervene with the strong man of the Emirates, Mohamed Al Shaibani , the chief of staff of the Emir and the director of several sovereign wealth funds.
Al Shaibani is required to ensure , Chakib Khelil , a quiet life in Dubai, as it did for Farid Bedjaoui . This man, in fact , he used all his weight to the justice of the United Arab Emirates is not cooperating fully with the Italian court that becomes a nightmare for those who are involved in the business of Sonatrach. Pasquale is certain and it does cover the most part, a good part of the bribe money was paid by Chakib Khelil and Farid Bedjaoui anonymous actions in the emirates, after transferring from the main account in Hong Kong.
Al Shaibani and his emirate owes a lot to some people in Algeria , which facilitated its access to huge investments worth more than $ 30 billion in the specific area (the factory Philip Morris recently sold ) , tourism (project Emiral Sidi Fredj and Ouled Fayet Dounya Park) , finance (banks Salam ), services (ports of Algiers and Djendjen ) and especially the oil ( the Spanish company Cepsa , which became 100% UAE) . The Government of the United Arab Emirates, which has benefited from all this generosity in Algeria is expected to make efforts to protect Chakib Khelil his guru Italian , Fabio De Pasquale.
Affaire sonatrach, Les comptes de Farid Bedjaoui au Liban gelés

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