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mercoledì 16 aprile 2014

The "generous" Bouteflika invites Algerians to vote him again??

Slimane Melab 
Vote or not does not change in Algeria . Bouteflika was never voted on by the people nor in 1999 , nor in the second term , or the 3rd and or 4th . In Algeria , the presidents are considered kings and prophets of the country. Vote or abstain does not change the situation in the country will continue on this path of darkness and the total collapse of the rights of Algerian citizens who have always hoped to revisit Algeria in a new form , accessible in all areas more competitive and competing on the international scale of the global economy. Given that we always compare and often the Arab Gulf countries , Dubai, was the tallest tower Constructed around the world ( 818m ) , a sophisticated island , tourist and industrial complexes of high - level . With all the riches which have blessed the pockets of many scoundrels and malfaiteursde the Algerian government finally past the gentlemen began to reveal a bounty of amazing god by offering financial several youth projects to prepare a real campaign pro Bouteflika, their goal was clear, to be worshiped by a lost people , without hope and without any support.
These gentlemen do not like at all and Algeria scarcely thinks its development , on the contrary , they are about to exploit the image of Bouteflika, " which also did nothing to Algeria," They want to get a virtual victory to put their man in power already chosen for after Bouteflika.
These gentlemen have thought of everything and on all those who shared the bread with this clan, among them there are false and hypocritical opponents. Criticizing Bouteflika , they think facilement.Se succeed him are liars. The Algeria today is another nation who wants to change his mind and mentality full of taboos , corruption, theft, arnacs , rape , violence and religious terrorism .
Algerians must confide young innocents who think the country's development . The FLN is part of the past as its founders who are all deceased . Aujourdìhui its representatives are nothing more than liars who live on pride and victories of the past true mujahideen died.
The FLN must remain in the hearts of all Algerians and aggravate in letters of gold to always remember his poor innocent victims died for vituelle and fuzzy release.
When fètèrent Algerian independence in 1962 , they were unaware of signing another contract colonization of new FLN guerrillas led by false and false Algerians.
Democracy? ? It is a word that weighs enormously that happens not even understand its meaning.
Voting jokes just started .... Please vote for members of the FLN ( (which we bring independence ))) ? ? Who and what colon ? ?
We are still colonized ! !
Bouteflika invite les algériens à exprimer leur choix massivement le 17 avril

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