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martedì 7 ottobre 2014

Algerian investments abroad, Cevital and Condor in Sudan

According to "Algeria"
In late October, the Group and the Group Cevital Condor will sign an investment agreement on Sudanese soil. "We will sign at the end of this month with the investment policies of the Group and the Group Cevital Condor," said the Minister of Investment of Sudan, Mustafa Osman Ismail, who co-hosted in Algiers on Friday last, a press conference with the Minister of Industry and Mines, Abdeslam Bouchouareb.
Call for the development of a sustainable partnership, the Minister of Sudan has rejected the investment climate and business opportunities offered by his country, while welcoming the decision Cevital and Condor to be favorable to investment Sudan.
In fact, Cevital Group is already deployed in some African countries. The Sudan is the next step which is called "captain of industry". The group founded by Issad Rebrab account so invest in the north of Sudan $ 3 billion. Rebrab aims to strengthen its production capacity in sugar and oil. Mustafa Othman Ismail, said he was ready to receive investors Algerians, giving them the best land bases to establish industrial units whose output will be for direct export.
Already a leader in Algeria, Cevital intends to develop its agricultural production capacity in sugar cane for processing and then export in 23 countries with which the Sudan shares the elimination of customs duties.
As for the other leader in its industry group in Algeria, is obviously the SPA Electronics, a subsidiary of the Condor. But no amount of planned investment were not disclosed. According to the minister of Sudan, the investment theme that interests SPA said that already some exports from Algeria to the countries of the African continent is home appliances, initially without much spread about this subject may prefer to be left primarily responsible for Condor to formally announce soon.
In addition, when asked about the benefits of The EcoNews of Sudan, as part of his liberal politics and openness to foreign trade, the representative of the Sudanese government responded: "Sudan has exported $ 28 billion in 2013, when we had exported 40 billion dollars in 2011, before the division of the country into two states. "This figure is breathtaking.
It should be noted that 126 foreign investors already operating in Sudan. They exploit the opportunities that the country's largest in terms of area, three years ago. An agricultural country of birth Nile receives about 400 billion cubic meters of water per year. This is used for irrigation of agricultural land with a total area of ​​200 million hectares. A vast territory that is home to about 130 million people.
Investissements algériens à l’étranger, Cevital et Condor au Soudan

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