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domenica 19 ottobre 2014

Do not let draw the specter of a new genocide in Kurdistan of Syria

Direct to François Hollande, Présidente of the French Republic
Slimane MELAB,
The Kurdish people must regain his freedom at all costs. The serious action to get their hands on their land by fanatics ISIS is from all criminal and illegal against the UN treaties.
I sign this petition because it makes me remember the history of Arabs when they arrived in North Africa in 645, after killing many Berbers were able to do with the power of the sword to convert many Berbers to Islam. We are in the 21st century and the world that looks back to the ugly barbaric action against the Kurds, that horrible and monstrous act that took a tragic genocide of innocent Berbers until they flee to the mountains.
Today there are Kurds who are paying strokes that do not have to intruders and Arab settlers who never cease to raise the sword invoking the name of Allah to conquer the world.
If all countries agree to send only 1,000 troops, will be 200,000 employees that could bring a unique victory for all mankind on earth. The combination leads to victory and especially peace.
Ne laissons pas se dessiner le spectre d'un nouveau génocide au Kurdistan de Syrie

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