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venerdì 3 ottobre 2014

Gourdel case: arrest warrant against 15 terrorists

According to "Réflexion"
15 robbers, murderers of French Hervé Gourdel beheaded at the end of September in Algeria, are identified and prosecuted by the Justice Minister Tayeb Louh, who spoke Thursday on the merits of the case Gourdel.

AFFAIRE GOURDEL : Mandat d’arrêt contre 15 térroristes
Hervé Gourdel.
Recall that last Tuesday, had said in a speech on state television that the first elements of the investigation led to the identification of members of the terrorist group author of the terror running. She indicated that the investigation was assigned to a judge of a court of Algiers specializes in cases of terrorism and organized crime. Thus, the prosecution requested arrest warrants against terrorists identified and a commission is launched, in the words of Tayeb Louh, for the place where the video was posted on the internet Canvas execution. Sources reveal that the armed group that has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of Hervé Gourdel (he himself defines as Jund al-Khilafa, is composed of former members of AQIM (Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb). Stata founded by Abdelmalek Gouri, former right-hand man of AQIM. according to the Algerian security Gouri was part of a team that carried out attacks against the government palace and a UN building in Algiers in 2007, the Islamist leader would also be responsible for a bombing that killed 11 people and wounded nine in the ranks of the army, April 19 at Iboudrarène. town is located in the area of Tizi Ouzou Hervé Gourdel removed.

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