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mercoledì 1 ottobre 2014

Hydrocarbons: Algeria has five oil companies operating in new blocks

According to "Algeria"
The bidding for new blocks hydrocarbon exploitation of conventional type (oil and gas) and unconventional (shale gas) in Algeria, launched recently, has lead to the choice of five foreign oil companies.
This is the National Agency for the Development of hydrocarbon resources (ALNAFT) who made ​​the announcement of these awards on Tuesday, recalling that the tender in question was about 31 blocks to the operation, but only four schemes have interested companies.
Among the companies selected include the Norwegian Statoil, which is a partner of the Algerian group Sonatrach and British BP Tiguentourine, which was selected for one of the schemes.
Its CEO in Algeria, Bjorn Kare Viken told AFP that "we are already happy to be back" on Tiguentourine "and then more confident today. We worked to strengthen the security level to an acceptable level for us "
Other consortia particularly by Shell (Anglo-Dutch) companies, Repsol (Spain), Enel (Italian) and Dragon Oil (UAE) were also selected.
Despite the lack of enthusiasm of the companies, this is "an acceptable result," responded the chairman of the executive committee of Alnaft, Sid Ali Betata.
Consortia Statoil-Shell, Repsol-Shell, Enel-Dragon oil and oil-Dragon finally Enel were selected for four boundaries in different parts of the country.
"The schemes offered are in sedimentary basins containing oil of the conventional type and those of non-conventional type, essentially compact reservoirs of oil and gas, commonly called" tight oil "and" tight gas "", said the Head of Alnaft. The contract signing will take place on October 29 in Algiers.
Furthermore, it should be noted that no offer has been made for shale gas, which is the eventual development raised an outcry in Algeria.
Hydrocarbures : L’Algérie retient 5 groupes pétroliers pour de nouveaux blocs d’exploitation

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