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venerdì 10 ottobre 2014

Oil and shale gas: Algerian stubbornness

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Despite the warnings of many experts on ecological risks, the Algerian government remains focused on the exploitation of gas and oil shale. Exploration in partnership with foreign companies in full swing, when in other countries, such as France, recall, if necessary, the option is definitely ruled out.
The Algerian government is therefore ignored warnings from experts and is firmly committed to the adventure of the "shale". Exploration, drilling and studies, it has already done in Berkin basins (Illizi) and Boughezoul (Djelfa). Things have also accelerated since the option was subject to resolution by the Council of Ministers.
The last race has identified the foreign consortium to conduct explorations in the basins raised. Neither high or excessive exploitation of this energy trapped in the prices of rock, nor the global trend towards the use of renewable energy deterred. Better yet, the government puts a lot of enthusiasm to implement the project. A conference on gas and oil shale will be held in Oran on 12 and 13 October.
The event will be held simultaneously be held in Rome, the Italian capital, the International Conference for Renewable Energies. A conference will be organized on the initiative of Desertec, will highlight all the interest that States must invest in renewable energy as a substitute for fossil fuels. Even the Americans, still pioneers in shale gas and oil prices begin to return to their frenzy to extract this energy expensive and, in the opinion of many environmentalists, highly polluting.
The French, our neighbors to the north shore of the Mediterranean, I swear, in any case, all their saints are not going to break the rock to release the fossil fuels trapped therein. Yesterday, Ségolène Royal, the Minister for Ecology, said that France will not bring the shale gas and oil. And contrary to popular belief that the French would, in this area, to make Algeria a test, French companies are not involved in the exploration process already begun in the basins and Berkin Boughezoul the north.
They are mostly Italians and Americans who are involved. But what could explain this relentless race Algeria. shale gas and oil? Some energy experts believe that this is due to the fact that traditional wells, overexploited, they begin to dry out and that, consequently, it will compensate for the lack extracted from the exploitation of gas and oil shale. This, they explain, is to honor long-term contracts signed with foreign customers, but also meet the domestic demand for energy will continue to grow.
Pétrole et gaz de schiste : L’entêtement algérien

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