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martedì 7 ottobre 2014

Prevention, safety and environmental protection: Sonatrach invests 91 billion DA

According to the "expression"
DA 120 million will be spent on treating industrial waste, liquid waste and trash drilling by the National Society of hydrocarbons.
Sonatrach is redoubling its efforts to address its deficits export of hydrocarbons that have resulted in a shortfall notorious. The national economy is based on the industry which ensures around 97% of its foreign exchange earnings also suffered from falling prices of oil.
Faced with this double punishment, the drilling and extraction of oil started again. But this does not come at the expense of the environment. "The group Sonatrach will invest 91 billion DA in the prevention, safety and environmental protection and 120 million dinars in the treatment of industrial waste, liquid waste and debris from drilling", said last Thursday Minister of Energy at a plenary session of the National People's Congress (NPC).
The "environmental protection will remain a priority for the Department of Energy," said Youcef Yousfi MPs who questioned the actions of its sector to redevelop polluted regions in Ouargla. "The Regulatory Authority of hydrocarbons, monitors the impact studies on the environment and requires companies activating in the sector to take preventive measures and to ensure the management of environmental risks associated with drilling activities" has assured the Minister of Energy has also announced the launch of a new project by Sonatrach in the field of environmental protection in order to take care of the problem of non-producing wells.
We must remember that Sonatrach announced an increase of its production to 225 million TOE (tonnes of oil equivalent), by the "2018. The oil company expects the increase in primary production of hydrocarbons from 195 million TOE in 2013 225 million TOE by 2018, "stated at the beginning of last July a near national hydrocarbons company source who added that" Algeria will resume with the commissioning of several oil and gas projects, with production levels achieved prior to 2010. "
The state has shown a willingness to continue its policy of diversification of the economy will be supported by a public investment plan for $ 262 billion, including the adoption by the Council of Ministers is scheduled for late 2014's hydrocarbon sector must be his springboard.
"Algeria will rely on its oil revenue to begin this economic boom, helped by oil production, up from 2015, with the commissioning of several new fields", said Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal during his opening session of the 17th tripartite held Sept. 18 speech in Algiers. It is in this perspective that was launched Thursday in Algiers institutional twinning between Algeria and the European Union (EU).
It will aim to strengthen the operational capacity of the National Agency for the Promotion of Foreign Trade (Algex) in his contribution to the development of off-Algerian exports hydocarbures.
Over a period of two years, it will be implemented by a consortium of the French Agency for International Business Development (UBI France) and the Agency for Cooperation and Austrian economic development. It should lead to the reinforcement of the device in business intelligence and upgrading of economic information in enterprises and capacity building of Algex management staff in the field of foreign trade.
"We hope at the end of this project, see Algex equipped with all the technical and methodological means to enable it to rise to the level of similar organizations at the regional level, both in terms of the quality of services provided to businesses or in international support, "said Trade Minister during the inauguration ceremony of the project.
Amara Benyounès noted that this pairing was born when the foreign trade of Algeria are characterized by a "contraction" of the trade balance (due to declines in oil exports and oil prices, Editor's note) .
Prévention, sécurité et protection de l’environnement : Sonatrach investit 91 milliards de DA

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