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martedì 7 ottobre 2014

Revolt October 5, 1988, 26 years after ...

According to La Dépêche de Kabylie
It's been 26 years to the day that October 5 was. That its shock wave has swept across the country dotting death, tears, arrests and torture abject immensity Polygon and promising in return hope. Now nothing will be as before. It all started September 19, 1988, when Chadli, in a speech that surprised everyone, calls on Algerians to revolt against price increases, while addressing him the party and the government for their inaction the crisis situation that had settled in months in the country. The national economy, said the head of state, "was funded by the Treasury and other income, such as oil and gas that are not the result of effort, but (...) the providential wealth. Would say that as far as I'm concerned, it's probably a brake, because we relied on easy revenue. "Some days ago, rumors began to circulate about a march in Algiers, which was organized 10,000 workers in the complex SNVI Rouiba. Other rumors have started that "he was going to be trouble October 5," prepare people for a comparison road who knew neither the intention nor interest. Secretly, many activists SMIP (socialist vanguard party) semi-clandestine, because this party was more or less tolerated because of the support system so that was inherently political critic of the left, were arrested by the police and tortured in various centers, including the famous wooden Sidi Fredj. Many other parts activists tolerated 'suffer the same fate. On the night of October 3, sporadic riots broke out in the popular neighborhood of Bab El Oued. On October 4, the entire city center of Algiers who comes to young offenders, with the exception of some districts supervised by the police, who, interestingly, had disappeared from the streets. Shops owned businesses were looted, burned some buildings and the fleet without responding police. Only a few agents of the security services were involved in the shooting discretion, looters were attacking almost everything of value. Private goods are spared. A wildfire, riots earn the villages and towns, including Blida, where the first military region. To minimize the problems, one of the dignitaries of the single party and no less than the President of the Association of Algerians in Europe, namely Ali Amar, speaks of "children heckling went wrong." The reality is quite different: the riots of October 5 and in the days that followed have caused billions in damage and caused hundreds of deaths and injuries. Many citizens were horribly tortured. On October 10, the Islamists who have played a major role in the revolts of the districts, they decide to come out organizing a mass march that will take them from Kouba in Bab El Oued, just outside the headquarters of the national security, protected by tanks of 'army. There, a shot rings out in the direction of the military, and it's killing machine gun. Officially, there were a total of about 121 deaths. Sources give a staggering 500 deaths, if not more. Calm returns gradually and before the FLN militants in Congress assembled, the sixth of its kind, Chadli says take "before God and men" full responsibility for what you may have done in the army. "If I had left to do, what would happen to the country?" He had told delegates. The events of October 5, occurred at a time when Algeria was subject to frequent food shortages. These were caused deliberately confirm many sources, and to fuel the anger of the people against the system. The decline in oil revenues, in 1985, made ​​futile any economic recovery. The hope of "a better life" was scanned. The country was almost on the verge of paralysis. Politically, in small doses-reforms that characterized the period 1980-1990, have been decided in order to establish a new liberal economic model. They said it was an opponent of the Boumediene Chadli and his socialism specific and he was going to change the system. The political and media 1,989 free constitution. We do not recognize our TV or our radio. The discussions were free, tongues loosened and every shot he could and wanted her shot to the moon. The parties were created, others rehabilitated and also subsidized by the state. So, in favor of what has been called the democratic opening that allowed the wolf into the sheepfold. It was almost a goal for Democracy, as the hope is located in a medieval theocracy. FIS enjoying the violation was engulfed in issue immediately after the new behavior of Algeria and Algerian food and clothing. He had a narrow escape. Today, 26 years later, what achievements recognized as an asset to this date milestone in the history of our country? Of course, allowed Algerians to separate the wheat from the chaff, to learn that democracy is not a system that's going to zero, but it is cultivated in tolerance and open-mindedness.

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