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mercoledì 8 ottobre 2014

What a pain Inter Walter Mazzarri !!!!

Slimane MELAB,
How sad for my favorite team !!!!!!!!!!!! Exactly I suffered a lot and I still am. When a coach arrives at another club, I do not think it's fair to judge him immediately from the first game, yet the typical Italian proverb does not deny its important meaning: "The good day starts in the morning" .in effects from Mazzarri already 'beginning he did not want anything positive, players had turned elsewhere and weight portandone others who do not possess any other name and their origin. He was wrong purchases together with our president that scagionerei for fair play and sympathy, he does not have a great knowledge in football. A team devoid of leaders and drivers in the field who would push for more results. Just succumb to the first follow everyone else and then easily become demoralized, the coach is on the Inter bench to count the errors of his giocatori.Mazzarri has not yet realized that his form is like that of Real Madrid's Ancelotti played with three defenders, however, the highest level in comparison to those of Inter and then attack Ancelotti has a goal machine Ronaldo-Benzema-between Bale. In my opinion Mazzarri should play with 5-3-2, which means more to strengthen the defense and give more space for the midfielders to act with much serenity and sicurezza.Un warm greetings to all athletes of Italy and the world.

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