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lunedì 13 ottobre 2014

The 1st Algerian car in November 10, the challenge of "Made in Algeria"

According to "Algeria"
The first Algerian car will be waiting for you on November 10. The first tests of prototypes for sale is inconclusive. The Algeria will finally get his start in the automotive industry.
A source Renault Production Algeria, the new "Symbol" come out of the factory Oued Tlelat in Oran on November 10 date for the inauguration of the new plant.
The CEO of RAP, Bernard Sonilhak, had announced a few weeks ago that "the first prototype cars out soon the assembly line of the factory Oran. They will be shipped to Romania to undergo technical testing and rolling. "Good news for the Algerians who are eagerly awaiting the "Made in Algeria" for years.
And as if to indicate the progress of the project, the first head of the plant stresses that "the Renault plant in Romania has the means and equipment for measuring the performance and reliability of new Symbol, made in Algeria, "adding that" these tests are essential and expected in the process of launching the car industry according to international standards. "
The Renault plant in Oued Tlelat is indeed a company with sophisticated equipment for the installation of high-end vehicles because its investment is the second in Africa after Morocco. For the Algerian case, estimates give a rate of 75,000 cars a year with an option to increase production for export to other African countries.
The CEO of the plant gives confidence Algerian consumers on the reliability of the model for sale with prices depending on the options selected by customers. The "New Symbol Made in Algeria is different from that produced in Romania version because the vehicle is manufactured in Oran high end," says Bernard Solinhak. The preparation of this vehicle will be the first model pending further necessitated by an official of the GSP industry "fabric subcontracting around this important investment that is progressive development".
Other Algerian operators will complete the network by contributing in their areas of specializations namely glass, tire and other useful accessories for the vehicle. Recall that the contract signed between the Renault and the Algerian side is governed on the basis of the 51/49 rule which SNVI holds 34% with 17% held by the National Investment Fund and 49% is held by the manufacturer french. For now, the factory that makes 200 Algerian workers continue to work recruiting for technical leadership among graduates of Algerian schools and continuing education will be applied as one of the clauses of the contract stipulates.
La 1re voiture Algérienne le 10 novembre prochain, Le pari du « made in Algeria »

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