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domenica 5 ottobre 2014

The festival of Eid,

A celebration of sadness !!! I do not agree to celebrate this year. On our land has been spilled so much blood of innocent people who should be here with all of us, but unfortunately luck has turned their backs to send them to the graveyard. I wonder why this festival of "Eid" should be celebrated ??? First I thought the prophet Abraham gave us a lesson in life to slaughter a sheep instead of his son Isaac, he was about to sacrifice to the mercy of God the Almighty. The source from which part is the custom of the sacrifice which was first applied by the Jews who were sent to the Arabs. With the arrival of the Qur'an, the Arabs have transformed the Jewish custom in a Muslim command by calling the "Eid", meaning the Muslim Easter. And from that transcendent party that Jews and Arabs never ate more meat from animals that have been slaughtered. Exactly this tradition is changing, Islamist terrorists have murdered human beings as if they knew this ancient tradition and Millennium ??? But this horrible crime, it is a challenge to radical Islam or simply a new threat of Islam ??? The designer himself was opposed to this barbaric act, but the lords of today's horror, they still do. So, I would celebrate a day when I see peace in all the earth. Thank you to everyone (es) and especially Martine Lafit.

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