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sabato 18 ottobre 2014

The Islamic terrorists still unabated ???

By Slimane Melab,
If you continue like this, in this blessed way, the citizens will surely be safe and finally peace will reign everywhere. The Algerian army has to do more work on this issue that is shaking the world, "Terrorism", actually a beautiful union will come for sure a goal more constructive and positive.
The whole world needs to work and peace, and not of religion. Each one prays as he pleases, or even is free not to believe and live as he feels like it. We must say stop to these crooks spirit that manifest themselves only to indoctrinate the poor innocent mind of a training war. The man has no right to take the life of his brother, it is not written in any book going to kill for god ??? They are just cheating man himself who is believed chosen by god. All are believed to be close to God. The Islamists have gone much further than they think they are god's chosen ones and that only they carry the truth on the earth and that the other, the rest of the world is unfaithful, and who should die ??? What a pity !!!! And that ignorance ???
Islamic states have not succeeded in giving a good instruction to all these people are blurred and vaguely prisoner of a spirituality unfounded and without any real evidence. Sometimes with only faith, it is not sufficient as proof of a divine existence. You have to respect the freedom of thought of each one of us and to learn to tolerate what appeals to you. Via freedom and tolerance, two elements basic to begin a journey towards peace and love among all peoples throughout the world.
Sidi Bel Abbes : Le groupe terroriste débusqué, préparait une action criminelle

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