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giovedì 5 novembre 2015

Counterterrorism: 13 landmines destroyed in Constantine and destroyed two shelters in Bouira by ANP

7284961b443ee103399c37a850a12a41_L.jpgALGIERS Thirteen (13) mines were found and destroyed on Tuesday by a detachment of the National Popular Army (ANP) under Constantine the operating segment, while another detachment under the operating segment of Bouira discovered and destroyed two shelters containing explosives and food- food, said Wednesday a statement from the Ministry of National Defence.
"As part of the fight against terrorism after the operation and the search and sweep triggered by the combined forces of the Army National People under Constantine the operating segment (5th Military Region), a detachment discovered and destroyed, the November 3, 2015, thirteen (13) mines, "the statement said.
Similarly, "another detachment under the operating segment Bouira (first military region) has discovered and destroyed two shelters (02) containing explosives, food and other things," the source added.
Moreover, "in the context of border security and the fight against organized crime, elements of border guards under the operating segment Tlemcen (2nd Region miliary) they have foiled an attempt to smuggle 2,000 liters of fuel and 3,000 cases, tobacco".
In the same context, "the 6th Military Region, a detachment under the operational area of ​​Tamanrasset intercepted three (03) and two smugglers (02) ATV loaded with 1,800 liters of fuel," says t it too.
Similarly, "another detachment under the operational area of ​​El-Oued (4th military region) arrested four (04) smugglers and seized two (02) tourist vehicles, 200 kg of tobacco and cell phones."
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