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lunedì 2 settembre 2013

A strategic conflict could erupt between Algiers and Bamako because of oil border

According to Algerie,
Certainly, the Algerian- Malian border are not only a headache from a security point of view, since beyond the fight against AQIM -affiliated , drug trafficking terrorist groups , smuggling and organized crime , the two neighboring countries could well enter into strategic conflict , called "oil of frontiers."
Moreover, several voices in Mali are now wondering about the fate of the oil fields that lie on the border between the two countries. Indeed, voices were raised in Bamako to demand a speedy and uneventful for the exploitation of oil fields that lie at the Algerian - Malian border and could , according to these voices , create a true strategic conflict in the years. These include the expert Malian Ousmane Konate, who in a statement to a Malian newspaper , was very worried about that Algeria "violates " the oil fields located at the borders.
Technical advisor to the Malian Ministry of Mines in charge of oil , went further by stating that " in the event of discovery of oil in Mali , a country south of the Republic of Algeria , the neighboring country could exploit oil Mali ". This fear of the side of Bamako is beginning to amplify especially after the return of calm , after the outbreak of war against express terrorist groups in northern Mali .

This fear , which could sour relations between Algiers and Bamako , also followed the presidential election which saw the coming to power of the new Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, as it is with the return gradually to institutions Mali Mali that think big . "Mali has only five sedimentary basins. Our country has all the conditions for the Mali operates a day oil at its borders, but this is not the case at the moment. However, Algeria could overtake us and have our oil , "said Konate .

In addition to Ousmane Konate , other experts and Malian politicians did not hide their fears about the Malian oil on the border with Algeria. According to their statements, the oil fields are located under large rocks so to exploit will require enormous resources and only foreign companies have the resources needed for such operations. In Mali, it is impossible to get to invest in these deposits , despite the dream caress the French to exploit .

M the Algeria refuses such an action because it is a political and security strategy. To get to exploit the oil fields , it is necessary first of all that the two countries, Algeria and Mali , negotiate the use of this largely borders. It is a strategy and no one can , for the moment, " violate " the oil border . However , Malians do not hide their fears and believe that the future of this strategic issue is uncertain, because they know very well that the Algerian authorities will under no circumstances accept the exploitation of oil border by foreign companies . The use of force in this potential conflict is not spread evenly , said a Malian source .
Un conflit stratégique pourrait éclater entre Alger et Bamako à cause du pétrole des frontières

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