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domenica 9 marzo 2014

Algeria: according to a former minister, "opponents of the fourth term are dictators"

According Algérie Focus
Former Health Minister Djamel Ould Abbes , currently a member of the Council of the Nation , said that those who show these days to express their opposition to a fourth term as head of state Abdelaziz Bouteflika , are " dictators " .
According to him , nothing prevents the president to run for another term , since it satisfies all the conditions listed in the Constitution. Obviously , the former minister , in a statement to the Arabic-language newspaper " Echorouk " did not mention the problem with the health of Bouteflika . For him, " all Algerians have seen on TV , the President shall submit himself to the Constitutional Council . " That's enough , according to him , to prove that Bouteflika is in "good health" . Ould Abbes also stated that these opponents " are a minority compared to the 38 million Algerians ." Continuing his attacks , the former minister said that there are " dark parts that are activated to destabilize the country ." In summary , the protesters Audin instead are " manipulated " by these " foreign hands ," according to the senator. Ould Abbes critics as those who are an alarming situation in the country. A discourse , let heard , which tends to push the Algerians to develop a negative attitude towards the presidential election. In summary, the senator presidential third , the balance is positive Bouteflika and his critics are not good patriots.
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