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martedì 11 marzo 2014

Barakat movement conclave in Algiers

According Algérie,
Barakat movement will bring his " troops " in the early evening in a local Algiers Algeria1 learned from his spokesman Mustapha Benfodil .
Its facilitators are recruited from journalists, doctors, playwrights, actors and associative stage directors , will discuss the best way to structure the movement.
Particular attention will be to adopt the rules of procedure, a business plan and of course a sort of " general staff " responsible for conducting activities and serve as interface to the authorities.
With its success on the field despite the ban on its public events, " Barakat " notes with satisfaction its ability to mobilize particularly in other cities where local committees begin to emerge .
It will also issue to exchange views on the best form of organization to reach the maximum number of regions.
Benfodil Mustapha explained that the aim of his movement goes beyond the presidential election and the fourth term. "We want to tell the system that you have to reckon with us, we are determined to exercise our citizenship despite the repression ," he says .
Spokesman for Barakat , it is advisable to surf this groundswell of rejection of the 4th mandate to intensify the mobilization and push the regime to release its grip on Algeria.
Note that the organizers of the movement Barakat do not wish to reveal the whereabouts of their conclave for fear of receiving a " not very nice " visit of the security services .
Le mouvement Barakat en conclave à Alger

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