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domenica 9 marzo 2014

General Mohand-Tahar Yala "A mafia clan heads in the shadow of Algeria"

Despite his withdrawal from the race for the presidential election , General Mohamed Tahar Yala do not despair of seeing the country change course .
Guests this morning of Freedom newspaper, the former commander of Naval Forces calls for an end of the electoral process and the birth of the second republic. "It's just an idea. I could of course not do it all alone. I make a proposal to end the crisis . Now it is for others to follow or not, " said General Mohamed Tahar Yala, who recently retired from the presidential race .
"Algeria ruled by proxy for at least one year "
Before detailing its proposal, Mohamed Tahar Yala has a very severe indictment about power . For him, " the country is governed by proxy for at least one year. A president completely unable to perform its functions handed over the keys of the country to a mafia clan that runs in the background , illegal and unconstitutional manner . This clan is decided , and it shows every day, to stay in power regardless of the price to be paid the country, including the destruction or disappearance . "
Worse than that, added General Yala, " this clan has captured all the institutions and all the levers of the state to organize a sham election , whose result is known in advance ."
Seeking a "consensus"
To "save the country" , the former General calls towards several sections of society . It calls on all forces to " transcander their personal or partisan vision to gather and mobilize in solidarity with their people in a unified and peaceful movement and impose the right of our people to choose their governance system and its leaders ."
In his quest for a "consensus" , the former retired general does not even exclude people who are in power. "People who are in this clan are a minority ," he notes .
As for the army , the former General does not want to hear . "I do not call for the army to intervene. Because in this case, it will return to square one , "said he said.

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