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lunedì 10 marzo 2014

Napoli-Roma, Benitez better than Garcia

Slimane MELAB
A Naples was quite weak in the final stage , and despite the presence of a hangnail on the field, the Naples team continued to attack and always in vain on the right wing completely forgetting that the left, where it was engaged Ghoulam which by the way did a great job limited to 60 meters from his door , the coach's orders . Some playable balls and a few touches due to the very few times served by his companions in distress. Yet I believe it has the merit of beautiful cross by himself launched directly on the head of Callejon who scored the winning goal for Napoli . In short , Napoli played his game of one-way , using only the right wing start the game, it was definitely a tactic of Benitez. As to Rome , the home team , had been meshed well start playing football with suggestions of high quality, with Gervinho highly trained , with an impressive speed , we always managed to embarrass his opponents and he was often in front of an iceberg that Reina parried everything. Despite the absence of players for the weight of Rome, the Yellow-red have played a great game. Compliments to Naples that had not made ​​it to the end. A warm welcome to all athletes of Italy and the world.


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