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mercoledì 12 marzo 2014

Seedorf: "We will lift us"

Slimane MELAB
It 's sad to say but unfortunately for the fans, for society, for managers , for the entire staff of the Rossoneri is total darkness ! I do not think there are alibis after that fall in this freestyle team that has not been able to sacrifice and give my best until the end. I feel always say that on paper this team is worth a lot of the other, and that this player is a true champion in relation to other strangers? ? Football is not a well-defined mathematical rules , but it is an unlimited play and full of millions of different actions and especially never say never with certainty , football is an art, not a gift that is distributed to all and that's why someone possesses many qualities more than others. Milan played the typically Brazilian , Seedorf scheme , the coach had also forgotten to select suitable players to sacrifice and who really love to play football and also free as is always the case in Brazil, where it has not yet arrived in the great progress as Italy . Seedorf had to put all the players on the bench stronger on paper and then enter the beginners who in my opinion would have done much better than this mediocre team . Aside from Kaka, the rest deserve the grandstand . And heavier than what the team did wrong than what was wrong training, poor Seedorf who must endure all the criticism . Now for the famous ( (leader) ) of Milan , you should roll up their sleeves and start from scratch . Is there anyone who has not won anything yet and that of the individual feels already a national hero. Mr. Prandelli should not think about it very wrong to bring the bins to the world . A warm welcome to all athletes of Italy and the world.

clarence seedorf

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