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martedì 11 marzo 2014

Sonatrach: The security services are investigating pressures to impose an Italian company

According Algérie,
There are two years in February 2012, an announcement regarding a project to build a gas plant in the region of North Reggane had been made by the consortium comprising Sonatrach , Repsol (Spain), RWE Dea (Germany) Edison ( Italy). The four companies had said it expects to invest three billion dollars in the development of the project.
Today , this project back in the news because according to the TSA website , there is pressure by senior Algerian officials on the committee responsible for the evaluation of the technical bids of the project. The purpose of these pressures would be to impose an Italian company that is currently in financial difficulties.
You should know that the commission specialized assessment , had received six bids (including that of the Italian company in question ) and selected three bids for the construction of the gas plant .
But it seems that these high placed persons mentioned by the TSA site, without mention , do not want to release the pressure. They want to redefine all bidders to include the Italian company in the list of selected.
According to the article on the website TSA , it is the members of the evaluation of the technical bids have denounced these actions by sending a letter to the Justice and Security Services Commission. These have already opened an investigation.
Finally, remember that the project seems to generate much envy , is to carry out installations and gas infrastructure. It is primarily intended to build a gas processing plant , a gas accumulation system, pipeline and infrastructure such as runway and an electrical system. And infrastructure should occur during the first 12 years , some 8 million cubic meters of gas per day
Sonatrach : Les services de sécurité enquêtent sur des pressions exercercées pour imposer une société italienne

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