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lunedì 10 marzo 2014

Spanish justice is concerned, a case Sonatrach III on the horizon?

According Algérie,
A close Sonatrach 1 in 2010, the Sonatrach case 2 in 2013 , in 2014 explosion Sonatrach 3 between Algeria and Spain ? Quite possible, and it would not be a surprise, as corruption is widespread in almost all major contracts and international markets: trade relations , especially in terms of gas between Algeria and Spain , would not be spared.
Moreover, these negotiations have been many quirks and nearly derailed several times during the first half of the 2000s , and then, suddenly , almost everything is in order , such as " magic ." Intermediate - Once is not custom - is behind at least a part of this new business .

And it all started with the media coverage of a famous fighter group ... in Africa in 2012 , where the " hunter " of honor was the king of Spain, King also sponsoring organizations who support the ban on slaughter of protected animals : picture scandal in Spain, where citizens do not understand that the crisis of the King, his Majesty engages in safari and other luxuries , and worse, with his little girlfriend a "princess" jet-set German, Corinna zu Sayn - Wittgenstein : remember this name because we are hidden in gas negotiations between Algeria and Spain .

What sickens most Spaniards is that the king , who, some time ago, was not compatible with his subjects , saying that " the economic difficulties of his people, he kept awake ..."! But in fact the scandals that spray royal family multiply , and the first revelations show that corruption occurs on a large scale. A first trial opened in 2012 , where the king's son in question , " supported " for several years by our "German Princess" , which cornered the courage to admit to El Mundo : "I have conducted several delicate missions for Spain. " then the king! Only that .

These words do not fall into deaf ears : a courageous judge appointed Castro (remember this name) , in charge of corruption cases in which members of the royal family , were indicted (February 8 , had summoned the youngest daughter of the king, trying to expand its investigation on the content of these " delicate missions "). Spanish investigative journalism follows the example , and many European newspapers titled " A'' small '' Spanish courts deal with the '' big '' in Spain! "

The lady ... 3 % !
Corinna zu Sayn - Wittgenstein , of Hungarian Danish father and a German mother , lives in Monaco to avoid paying taxes: the name is " princess" as his second exépoux is a prince of the German nobility . Meet - or makes the meeting - the King of Spain in Germany in 2004 during a hunting party .

In shrewd businesswoman, has created the following year, a company based in Malta , " Apollonius Associates " , whose purpose is to " get in the institutions , national or international , public or private. " Our " princess" , as well as indicate the corresponding Madrid French newspaper Libération , "she contacted the heads of state , political leaders and powerful businessmen , all in exchange for large sums of money " is that commissions and other bribes located primarily in Switzerland.

Unheard of , also the head of the intelligence services General Spanish ascend into the slot to put an end to these investigations , saying in Parliament that "princess " has never collaborated with the Spanish State , how to draw a red line for anti- corruption courts and the press too curious. The year 2006 is the ' year in which the activity starts between the princess and the king, the Spanish investigative journalism demonstrating the essential role of the German princess in favor of large companies in Spain.

In 2007 , our " princess " will be part of the delegation of the King of Spain ... Algeria ! For example , it has been the intermediary in the conclusion of a contract in 2011 to nearly € 7 billion to get the benefit of a Spanish consortium ( the railway company RENFE , ADIF railway network operator , the construction group OHL those trains Talgo and technology company Indra ) of a railway line in Saudi Arabia ( Mecca and Medina ) .

Some of these companies have achieved over the last 10 years, several lucrative markets in Algeria. During the same period , the German princess is in relation with the Spanish tycoon Mohamed Eyad Kayali - Saudi Syrian origin , also known as the law in Spain the Saudi Minister of Defense ... arms ! In this case, with the Saudis , according to the Spanish weekly Interviu , the German princess " could hit juicy commissions , an increase of 3 % on the value of the contract, which landed on two Swiss bank accounts . "

But according to this week, she was working for the conflicting interests : "In 2008, she pleaded with the king to the Russian oil giant Lukoil in the property of his Spanish rival Repsol . Too strategic in vain In the field , we estimated in Madrid. " A ' other revelation that we are particularly interested : according to the press of the country of Cervantes ( reported by Liberation , cited above) , the German princess has also intervened " in the creation of a strategic alliance with Algeria to the gas routing . Judge Spanish Castro is aware of these tracks.

Where do we find ... Chakib Khelil !
In the early 2000s , negotiations between Algeria and Spain on the gas (gas pipelines , gas prices , petrochemical complexes ) increased , and exchanges of delegations, including at the highest level , I've never been too many . Chakib Khelil , Minister of Energy , as and as head of Sonatrach , has received a lot of Spanish officials often flew to Madrid. The President Bouteflika will travel to Spain in June 2002 ( the ' last visit to an Algerian president in 1985). The King of Spain , Juan Carlos, who will reciprocate in 2007, of March 13 to 15 (his last visit to Algeria that took place in 1983 ), accompanied by a large delegation of businessmen .

Of these, there Repsol YPF , Cepsa , Gas Natural , Iberdrola and Endesa (energy) , OHL , ACS, Acciona and Abengoa (construction and engineering ) , Sabadell bank CAF Talgo (transport by rail) , Cofares (pharmacy ) , Telefonica and Indra (telecommunications and information technology ) . But it was not until 2013 that we learn - various Spanish sources are confirmed , including the media - our " princess " is the German royal visit to Algiers : what the king had done with her for an official visit and business in Saudi Saudi Arabia.

The displacement of the King of Spain in Algeria had been preceded a few weeks before a trip to Madrid Chakib Khelil (7 and 8 February 2007) , where he " expressed the support of Algeria to the participation of Spanish companies in the Natural Gas project Medgaz , saying that Sonatrach will reduce its stake in the project to facilitate the entry of Gas Natural (APS submission of 9 March 2007).

A quietly received by the king during his stay ? One thing is certain , and that is strange is Chakib Khelil , Minister of Energy , which will be officially appointed to accompany the King Juan Carlos of Djanet not only for tourism escapade , out of sight , in the presence of our "princess" German . It would have been more consistent with the protocol that the king, in these cases, be accompanied by the Algerian Minister of the Interior or tourism. This was the ' beginning of the beginning of the settlement of Algeria - Spanish litigation ....

Deactivate the case at all costs
In 2012, the German princess disappeared from the " radar screen" Spanish. Everything is done at the highest level of the Spanish Government and some pharmacies to avoid the judges go too far in their investigations , including the number of contracts signed in the last 10 years between Algeria and Spain billion euro markets , trade and shops of all kinds are at stake Spanish investigative journalism , at least one that is independent, is also suffering from all kinds of pressure does not go too far in its investigations . No new revelations are excluded .

As for our "princess" German, has stepped up warnings and other threats : " ... if ever the Spanish authorities or those seeking a quarrel with him, he warned that such would not hesitate to answer : He pointed out that had copies of " all" the official documents relating to his missions very special . "Major corruption abroad helped start coming out of the crisis in Spain .

The Spanish government , like its European counterparts who have implemented this " new business " nationality of sale (see "Evening corruption " on Monday , March 3, 2014) is not looking at the source of these funds nationality new rich southern countries buyers . These " sellers " country of nationality still well aware of the fact that in the field of "buyers" capital flight , money laundering, corruption and bribery bribes used to acquire "legally" European passports . Everything is good to take , and also at any price , to curb what Europeans call their " crisis."
La justice espagnole s’y intéresse, Une affaire Sonatrach III à l’horizon ?

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