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domenica 16 marzo 2014

The France overtaken by China as the leading supplier of Algeria in 2013

France has lost its place in 2013 leading provider of Algeria in favor of China. It is a fact unprecedented in the Franco-Algerian economic relations.
Thus, China with $ 6.82 billion ( bn ) ranks first followed by France with 6, 25 billion of a total volume of Algerian imports in 2013 estimated at $ 54.8 billion .
According to the Algerian economist Fetah Ouzzani , which revealed information Saturday in Paris on the occasion of a conference on foreign investment in Algeria, made ​​for France to have lost his first position as a supplier of Algeria on behalf of China "is not inevitable ."
He said that " on the contrary, in several sectors, French operators rather interested in investing in Algeria co -production mode. In this way , they become competitive throughout Africa and the Middle East and Latin America " .
President REAGE network ( Network Algerian Schools) spoke to this effect , the main indicators of the Algerian economy , highlighting his youth (over 65 % of the population) and managers ( more than 3 million of which 15% abroad) .
Based on figures from the trade balance, where the import bill is increasing , it has supported a large number of products and services can be provided in Algeria by Algerian- French joint ventures to several markets the region in addition to the local market.
" Many sectors which enjoy comparative advantages are a real opportunity to make the country a real industrial platform for foreign investors wishing to locate in Algeria to take options in the Euro- African economic space rapidly emerging " a- he argues .

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