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mercoledì 12 marzo 2014

Ukraine, War at the gates of Europe

Ukraine up its military on high alert , strengthens the protection of its nuclear and strategic sites decrees mobilizing its reservists aged under 40 years and announced the closure of its airspace to all non unit civil .
"This is to ensure the security and territorial integrity of Ukraine after the violation by Russia of bilateral agreements, including on the Black Sea fleet ," said Andrii Paroubiï , head of the National Security Council and defense.

"We are at the brink of disaster ," said Ukrainian Prime Minister . MEPs call for the presence of international observers near its nuclear power plants and rely on NATO to provide security of Ukraine. Because of this commotion of battle : the Duma, the Russian Parliament gave the green light last Saturday Vladimir Putin for " use on the territory of Ukraine to the Russian armed forces until the normalization of the political situation in this country. "

According to several media , Moscow, who sent a reinforcement of 6,000 men to its 20,000 troops already deployed in Crimea , took de facto control of the Russian-speaking region, where it has a fleet in the port of Sevastopol. "Any attempt to attack military installations will make a direct armed attack against our country , and the responsibility will fall within the army and the Russian leadership ," says Oleksandr Turchinov , Ukrainian President transition , considering that the Russians violated the territorial integrity of his country and declared war on his country. "What is Russia Ukraine violates the principles of the UN Charter . This threatens the peace and security in Europe, "said just before the beginning of a crisis meeting in Brussels , Anders Fogh Rasmussen , Secretary General of NATO. " Russia must stop its military activities and threats ," he said.

Second "Cold War" ?
Taken aback by the Russian decision , Western leaders do not know what to do. Some opt to recall their ambassadors in Moscow. Other announced the suspension of their participation in the G8 meeting in June in Sochi. The United States, which has received a request for protection of Kiev under an agreement signed with the Russians in 1994 Ukrainian sovereignty , require the country Putin withdraw its forces deployed in Crimea shall refrain from any interference if he does not " expose themselves to international isolation " and a profound impact on Moscow's relations with Washington, or even exclusion of the G8.

As a response to these threats , Moscow, who believes he is given the right to " protect its interests and the Russian-speaking population " in case of " violence" in eastern Ukraine and Crimea, opts for a media war . All media call for a united front against the " fascists took power in Kiev " with , according to some, a boost of Western mercenaries " from different countries, like the United States and Germany ," says a young Russia 24 Russian on a news channel . According to analysts, the current situation in Ukraine is the most dangerous in Europe since the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. For them , the West who could not stop in 2008 , Moscow to conduct a blitzkrieg in Georgia based on the separatists in Abkhazia and South Ossetia and Ukraine, should realize that the Crimea is in the hands of Russia.

"The challenge , they say , is to prevent Putin to take control of eastern Ukraine ." How ? Putin, who wants to destabilize and discourage Kiev closer to Brussels , in turn this crisis to his advantage. How ? Repositioning itself in eastern Ukraine on behalf of the protection of his countrymen and transposing the Ukrainian crisis in Crimea, the only region where the Russian minority prevails and where a referendum that could endorse a break with Ukraine scheduled for May 25.

Godsend to the Russian fleet which is sheltered by Simferopol , the capital of the Autonomous Republic . Beyond the linguistic aspect , this region guarantees the Russian navy quick access to " warm seas " in the first place , but also to the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean . Brussels today will host a meeting of foreign ministers of the European Union. If the crisis continues , it evokes in the Belgian capital the possibility of an EU summit of heads of state and government next week. The world he plunge again in a second "Cold War" ?
Ukraine, Guerre aux portes de l’Europe

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