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mercoledì 9 aprile 2014

The assembly of the first car workshop "Made in Algeria" began

The assembly of the first car "made in Algeria " brand Renault , for staff training has already begun in the factory Renault Production Algeria (RPA ) , located in Oued Tlelat ( Oran ), announced Monday in Algiers the CEO of the state-owned commercial vehicles ( SNVI ) Hamoud Tazerouti .
" The kits vehicles have already arrived at the site of Oued Tlelat production and installation of mobile workshops has already begun ," said APS primarily responsible for the state-owned industrial vehicles, business partner in this project alongside the French manufacturer and the National investment Fund (NIF) .
Mr. Tazerouti , RPA staff began to climb the first mobile workshops for training , before starting the operation montag cars for marketing in the Algerian market . To this end, Mr. Tazerouti assured that the construction works of the Renault factory Production Algeria " progressing according to schedule
and will be delivered in a timely manner . "
"The first car type New Symbol mounted in Algeria workshops released November 20, 2014 , as planned by the French partner," he said. To establish a national network of subcontractors to supply the plant with regard to equipment and industrial accessories, ten national subcontractors were shortlisted and " are an audit stage ," says Tazerouti .
Initially, " we started with the files SNVI , the SGP- CREW and those regional exchanges outsourcing " has he said, adding that the process of selection and audit " is still continues . " For site development of RPA factory , the Algerian State has granted the company the old buildings of the former Sonitex the SNVI upgraded .
"RPA supports development work in production workshops, completed nearly 70 %. This, pending the construction of new infrastructure, " he further said. Referring to the issue of training of RPA, the CEO of SNVI said that the first batch had completed his training and the other two are currently undergoing another round of training.
Owned 51% by the Algerian part of which 34% SNVI 17% by NIF , and 49% by the French manufacturer , factory RPA created by the bais of a joint venture to produce its start 25,000 vehicles / year and 75,000 units before reaching 150,000 vehicles / year, ten years after the start of production.
The business area of Oued Tlelat was chosen for the location of the plant mainly due to the availability of skilled labor , its proximity to the port of Oran , its industrial and logistics infrastructure as well as its motorway network , railway and ICT .
Le montage de la première voiture-atelier “made in Algeria” a commencé

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