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mercoledì 9 aprile 2014

Washington accuses Alger had "distorted" the words of John Kerry

The United States has accused Algeria of having distorted the speech of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States , John Kerry, at the beginning of work on the strategic dialogue between Algiers and Washington.
The local newspaper El Watan , the first newspaper in the country, cried foul , accusing the agency APS " deform " the U.S. official on a sensitive issue for the public and many political parties contesting the transparency of the electoral process and especially refuse any interference in the affairs of their country.
In addition, El Watan published a piece in the English text published on the website of the State Department , while using the services of a sworn translator.
Result: The publication states that " Kerry has just expressed his desire to see the election of April 17 will take place in transparency " , while the version of APS , "said that transparency is already there. "
In a statement , the State Department said that there was " wrong translation of the speech in English Kerry Arab relations " and highlighting the relevant part .
"The United States has approved the transparency of the electoral term ," could be read in a statement released by the press in Algeria about the statements of the American minister . MAF U.S. has described the translation of vague and gives the impression that Washington sends an injury and a recognition of the transparency of the elections in Algeria.
Washington accuse Alger d’avoir «déformé» les propos de John Kerry
Jhon Kerry.

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